Welcome TSM Mechelen!

What a great way to start a new year: TSM Mechelen (first one from Belgium!) joins the Viruskenner 2022 – 2023 project! On January 17th, we – Viruskenners prof.dr. Eric van Gorp and David Valk – visited our “zuiderburen” (neighbors from the South) and were warmly welcomed by TSM teachers Roselien Vandecasteele and Vito Leyssens. They introduced us to ‘a new batch’ of Viruskenners – a classroom with 25 students, eager and curious to know more about the project they are about to embark on.

Prof.dr. Eric van Gorp kicked-off the Viruskenner project with a masterclass ‘emerging viruses’; lecturing about the different virus infections and the impact on society. Students were challenged to think of the differences between the pathogens and, in case of a pandemic, which preventive strategies could minimize the impact on a local level. It was great to see how the students already reflected on some of the presented viruses and transmission routes.

David Valk closed the kick-off with the objectives of the project Viruskenner, introduced the coaches and the website Viruskenner.nl and explained the timelines.

The Viruskenner team cannot wait to welcome TSM Mechelen, as the first Viruskenner school from Belgium, for the Viruskenner finals on March 30th in Rotterdam!