The first Italian kick-off!

Viruskenner @ ITT Buonarroti Pozzo Viruskenner has kicked off its first Italian edition at ITT Buonarroti Pozzo in Trento! It was a great welcome with the involved teachers and good questions from the participants. What happens during a live Viruskenner kick-off at schools?During the start the students and teachers are being prepared for the project.

Vragen tijdens het project?

Waar kun je terecht op de Viruskenner website?   Op de Viruskenner website vind je nieuws, blogs, informatie over vorige edities en de Learning tools met specifieke informatie over virussen en transmissieroutes. Daarnaast is er voor middelbare scholieren het forum, waar Viruskenner coaches voor je klaarstaan om vragen over virussen en transmissieroutes te beantwoorden.

Blog coach Carolien | Measles

Natural measles infection whips-out your immunological memory A four-fold increase in number of measles cases was reported in Europe in 2017 and was largely due to people refusing to be vaccinated ( Measles symptoms include runny nose, cough, high fever, watery eyes, small white spots on inside of the cheeks (Koplik’s spots) followed by a rash.

Viruskenner kick-off in Trento

Viruskenner goes to Italy! In the previous editions Viruskenner has been active in four countries: Surinam, Indonesia, Senegal and The Netherlands. This year Istituto Tecnico Tecnologico Buonarroti-Pozzo in Trento, Italy will also join the project. We are very much looking forward to working together in the Viruskenner project and a great Italian edition!

HIV Next Gen in Techzine!

HIV Next Gen Techzine is het Technasium Magazine van het Keizer Karel College in Amstelveen. Het Keizer Karel College is altijd van de partij bij Viruskenner en ook afgelopen zomer waren een aantal deelnemers aanwezig bij HIV Next Gen (zie vorige nieuwsitems)!

Blog Eric van Gorp | Viruskenner 2019

A new year, a new edition Knowledge as an antidote This year around 1500 students in Suriname, Indonesia, Italy and the Netherlands will participate in and join the Viruskenner community. November 13, 2018 was the kick off of the Dutch edition in the Erasmus MC.

World Polio Day #Endpolio

Today is World Polio Day According to World Health Organization: ‘Thanks to two safe, effective vaccines, cases of polio have fallen by 99% since the 1980s. Find out why both vaccines have a role to play to end polio for every child, everywhere.