Welcome to my Viruskenner blog!

 My name is Kirby Tong-Minh and I am a medical doctor and researcher at Erasmus Medical Center. This year I am also a Viruskenner Coach.

 My work primarily takes place at the emergency department. My research focusses on new blood tests to better predict which patients need hospital admission after they have visited the emergency department with an infection. With this research we hope to be able to send patients hope earlier when they are not so sick or prevent complications by admitting patients who have a high risk of getting very sick.

Work is fun, but activities besides work are also important. After work (when not in lockdown) I judo a lot at my judoclub. I am also a judoteacher and have given judo classes for children from 4 – 18 years old. Now that we’re not able to sport inside a started climbing, which is also very exciting when you’re hanging 30 meters above the ground.