This month, at April 16, the Viruskenner final day at high school SMA 16 in Surabaya was organised by the international Viruskenner team.  Around 300 Indonesian students learned how viruses spread and may lead to infection and disease, shared knowledge with each other and devised ways to disseminate that knowledge. Knowledge, needed to prevent the spread of virus infections. At the final day, students presented their creative and innovative tools which can be used as instruments for the prevention of [emerging] viral infections in Indonesia. The jury, with viruskenner coaches from the Airlanga University, Erasmus MC and Cirion foundation, selected the winning teams.

Viruskenner Surabaya is endorsed and supported by the ministry of education from the province of Surabaya, Red Cross Netherlands, Airlanga University Surabaya, Erasmus MC the Netherlands and Cirion foundation.

Viruskenner is a tool to mobilise and involve the next generations in creating and implementing tools, necessary to prevent and control the spread of viral emerging infections. The slogan ‘prevention is better than cure’ is certainly the case and knowledge is the most effective antivirus.

Check below the blog of Steven, one of the Viruskenner ambassadors!

The Viruskenner Finals Surabaya 2018

Last Monday was a surprisingly fruitful day at the SMA16 High School in Surabaya. After being warmly welcomed by the head of school and by the national anthem, performed by the 8 participating classes, it was time to kick off the presentations of the 8 best teams of the SMA16 High School. The first team immediately set the bar high for the following 7 teams. We have seen excellent presentations and innovative ideas have been proposed. Although it was challenging for the jury to choose 3 winning teams on ‘content’, ‘form of presentation’ and ‘innovation’, the jury unanimously chose the winning teams. After the presentations, the student with most knowledge about worldwide virus infections, the so-called ‘Viruskenner’, was picked through the Viruskenner Quiz.

It was great and inspiring to see the impact of the Viruskenner project in Surabaya, and to feel the enthousiasm of every single student. I have faith in their newly gained knowledge to serve as a preventive tool for future virus infections, both for themselves and for the people around them.

Surabaya, see you next year at Viruskenner 2019!