Hi everyone! My name is Eliza and I am studying at the Erasmus university in Rotterdam to become a doctor.  I have now completed my bachelors degree and I will start my medical internship next year as part of my masters. In the meantime I’m one of the coaches of Viruskenner and I will be doing a research study about the viruskenner project. The research is to learn about the influence of viruskenner on knowledge, attitude and behavioural change of students.

The last 2 years of my studies were a bit weird due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Almost all of my classes were moved online and I had to stare at my screen for 2 hours or longer. During this time, I’ve learned that preventive interventions against the coronavirus are very important to reduce infections.

During my medical studies I worked on a high school for 2 years as a side job. When a teacher was sick I gave self-invented lessons to first to third graders. I really enjoyed transferring knowledge to students. Because of the little age difference between me and the students, it was very easy to develop a good relationship with them.

In my spare time I really like to play korfball and spending time with my friends. I am very excited to be one of the viruskenner coaches this year!