Hi community, Viruskenner coach Valéry here!

This week we had a fun and exciting kick-off in Italy, see previous blog 🌍 🧠

Every edition is special. Each year new schools and youngsters participate.

What I find most inspiring in the project is that we kick-off with a masterclass about viruses and then ask and watch the Next Generation for prevention ideas. ‘How do you communicate your knowledge in a fun way – a way that people will remember?’ 

This questions requires creativity, imagination, empathy. Fantasizing is something we all do when we are young. Later on as adults, we tend to lose it. That’s a pity isn’t it? 

In Viruskenner we invite you to think out of the box, to fantasize again in a way you did when you were playing with your cars, dolls or when drawing and you created stories in the moment. Through a story knowledge may stick easier in other peoples’ minds and bodies.

I especially love this part where the Viruskenner knowledge is bridged to you and we have to listen to YOUR story, as a member of our Viruskenner community!

Can’t wait for the final day in March.
Enjoy the journey!