Oprichter van Viruskenner, Eric van Gorp, schreef een Engelse blog over het project!

Knowledge as Antivirus

Knowledge as antivirus, the subtitle of the Viruskenner project is not just a phrase. The current coronavirus outbreak underlines that knowledge how to prevent infection is the cornerstone of prevention. In the Viruskenner program students learn about how to implement hygiene measures. It’s about knowledge, awareness and attitude. When new infections are introduced it takes time to develop vaccines, but with the knowledge you have about hygiene you can directly be effective now and in future outbreaks.

The corner of the earth

Take care of yourself but just as important take care of each other and your environment. The spread of infectious diseases has much to do with the way we are living, the things we are doing, the way we are interacting with our animals, the way we take care for nature and for our environment. It’s about the corner of the earth.

Listen to the song Corner of the earth of singer Jamiroquai.

Hygiene helps

Micro-organisms among which viruses belong to our environment, they even keep us healthy (our microbiome), these are the good guys. However, some viruses may cause disease, those are the bad guys. Viruskenner supports the ‘Hygiene helpt’ Instagram page, which is a fun information tool about hygiene, have a look at the website!