Viruskenner final days in Suriname!

Last week was a special one for the Viruskenner-project in Suriname. It was highlighted by the Final Days of two schools, the primary school Prinses Amalia and the secondary school Arthur A. Hoogendoorn College. Both schools have been working hard on the assignment since the end of January, and it was about time they show their efforts!

On Wednesday the Viruskenner team visited Prinses Amalia and though our participants were young, ranging from 10-13 years old, their ideas were surprising, smart and exciting to listen to. Many forms of prevention passed the jury: there were posters, a quiz on Hepatitis C, a movie on Zika, a game on Hanta, a demonstration on HIV, a song about Rabiƫs and so on! You might now understand how amazed we were watching these youngsters do such a great job! HIV and Zika were the winners this time, with Adamma being the Viruskenner by winning the quiz. But remember: you are all winners!

And then it was time for the A.A. Hoogendoorn College to show their work. Although the primary school had set the bar high, the secondary school students could definitely meet the standards. The 16-17 year olds came up with insightful and fun ideas, and had even made or brought their own prevention tools. To mention a few: we could watch a sticker-day on Yellow Fever unfold around the entire school, there was an Anti Hanta cleaner, an Influmask, an HIV-pill, a D+ cleaner for Dengue, an idea for Nanobots killing mosquitos for prevention of Zika, the Noro-destroyer 101 and a musle-relaxing pill for Hepatitis C. Say what! The Anti Hanta cleaner and Influmask stood out, and again, we found a Viruskenner!

All children of both schools have proved their worth by overwhelming the Viruskenner team with their creative, appropriate and insightful ideas! Equally important, they showed how they broke taboos by speaking out about viral diseases and their prevention. Chapeau for all your presentations! We look forward to seeing you back next year, dear Suriname students!